Saturday, November 24, 2012

I Wish I Was Dead

Now that I'm sixteen, it is as if the universe decided that my life would suddenly become exciting. First, my birthday party, then a Grease Sing-a-long show, a play I had to see for Drama, later this week I went to see Metric with my sister and yesterday I partied with my best friends. All of this in one week. Seriously, what's happening! Why do I suddenly have a life. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but it's weird that turning sixteen made me feel so different. Usually, the change comes gradually, but this year BAM! I'm older and I'm treated like an older person.

Other than being grateful to be sixteen, I went to Expozine again this year and I realized how normally I have started to dress. At school, I'm considered borderline normal and outside my school, in the normal world, I'm average. People in High School seem almost scared to not fit in, so they dress ordinarily. Not everyone would agree about this, but that's just my opinion. They influence my choice of clothing, therefore I haven't really been creative lately. So to come back to the fair, I was walking around and I noticed that people there didn't seem to give a fuck about what people thought about their appearance. They liked what they wore and that's it. While walking around I kept seeing this girl who wore these kind of moon boots and a huge, furry trench like coat that went down to her ankles. She looked totally deformed, but someone it looked amazing because her body language seem to say "I don't need someone to tell me I'm cool, 'cause I think I'm cool in my own way." It seems to me as if confidence is the key to a fabulous outfit. I would like to pick up that confidence easily, but they don't seem to sell it in stores. Therefore, I will need time to develop my self-esteem and simply figure myself out.

I hope this made sens to you. If it didn't that's fine too.

Bomber Jacket:Vintage (Gift from Monique, a Parisian woman I met)
Blouse: Vintage
Pants: H&M
Scarf:Yves Saint Laurent
Skeleton Earrings:Value Village

Saturday, November 17, 2012

We're Sure Are Cute For Two Ugly People

This year like every year, A.'s birthday was a few days before mine. And this year like every year, she threw a party that was really fun. It was a very simple celebration. We ate supper, danced around and sang. We had a blast! That's why I'm sharing the joy by showing you a few pictures. Also, I want to show off my dress. I think I have never showed it to you. Sadly, you can't see the whole thing. Let's just say that these pictures are a teaser for another post. Anyways, I got to go spread the unicorn rainbow by getting S. and I's birthday party ready. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

You're Sixteen!

I've had a hard time with my wrist lately, so I decided to minimize my time on the computer. It sucks because I had lots of good post ideas lately I couldnt share. But anyways, I should stop complaining. You're not here to read about a whining girl who turned 16 on the November 13th. Yup! I'm sixteen now.

It's sad and yet thrillin to know that i have reached this sweet age. As a child I always thought my 17th year of life would be exciting and full of "american" adventures. But now I know that will never happen. After this year my bubble of fantasies will explode. On the nice side, I will get to create my own experiences. I'm travelling a lot this year. So that should be fun!

Here's a compilation of many pictures including craft time with A. and today's outfit. My birthday outfit was too boring so I didn't bother taking pictures.

Scarf: H&M (I got it from the parents of this girl I babysit, isn't that sweet!)
Dress: Forever 21
Corset: Tristan (Why am I even mentioning it. You can't even see it cause it's black.)
Shoes: Vintage

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

This year was the second year not going tick-or-treating and I don't feel sad about it. Actually, I think I've grown out of the tradition. Instead, I celebrated a new tradition: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's not a new tradition as such, but it's a debut in my life. After waiting a year to go, I finally got the tickets and I had so much fun.

Though it was a blast, the process of getting ready was stressful. G., L. and A. came to my place an hour before we had to leave. In less than 60 minutes we were supposed to eat our supper, get dressed and put our makeup on. Also, I hadn't found a costume yet, so I had to create something quick. We had a timer. 15 minutes to eat. 10 minutes to get into our outfits. 20 minutes to makeup. 10 minutes to get all the material for the show ready. 5 minutes to go to the bathroom and get out the door. We were surprisingly successful, we even arrived pretty early.

When we arrived to the theater, I was a little scared my outfit was a little to daring, but quickly I discovered I was far from daring compared to all the people that came to see the show. A lot of people had cool elaborate costumes, but there were also a lot of people wearing lingerie. So I was pretty "tame" if I can put it that way.

Anyways, I'm really proud of the skirt I created with only safety, no sewing. The Rocky Horror Picture show was amazing. I'm definitely going back next year!

Corset: Vintage
Skirt: DIY
Boots: Vintage
Stockings: H&M