Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why I Love You, I'll Never Know

As individuals we constantly seek to attain a better version of our selves and we do so by comparing ourselves to others. Since I was born, the media and the people around me have influenced who I would like to be and who I am. I created role models and try to imitate them using the excuse that they are my inspirations. Yes, it is true that I am inspired by said people, but I am not creating a better version of my self. I am creating another version of that person, which isn't me.

I noticed in the last few years that I got really good at becoming a person I would admire but not completely myself. Therefore, I decided to make the life resolution of becoming "me". This will be my motivation to explore and try things I wouldn't have necessarily thought of. This is also a way to stay true to myself so that at the throughout my life I can be proud of what I have become and not "who" I have become.

"En réalité, on s'acharne à devenir un parfait acteur plutôt que quelqu'un de vrai."
                                                                                                   -Simone de Beauvoir

Sunday, January 12, 2014

You're My Joan Of Arc

I love long skirts and dresses but I'm often scared that they're too granny-esque. The other day though, I pushed myself to wear a "granny dress" because I had bought one during the holidays and I was surprised to realize that my granny-ism was actually pretty rad. I mean what wrong with looking like an old woman? They are wise and have a whole life time behind them which is pretty awesome. Plus, the dress might look like the one of an 80 year-old, but I don't look like one.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Everything Will Glow For You

The new year always means new resolutions, but as we all noticed, it's really hard to follow them for 365 days. I guess I will set some goals anyways. I underestimated what I can do, so I can do the bare minimum, because as reasonable as my goals seem, they always end up failing.

Firstly, I'd like to make six videos this year. They could be music videos, dance videos or if I'm up for it a short film. Secondly, I'd like to be more cheerful by surrounding myself with positive people. Thirdly, I want to scream at the top of my lungs at least once this year. I haven't done it in years and I've been feeling this urge to yell as loud as I can. I can't seem to find a place where I can do it though without making anybody think I'm getting murdered! Lastly, I want to drink more water. I made this resolution last year and I failed at it, so therefore I want to just drink a minimum of one glass of water each morning. Without further ado, here are some selfies I took to try and depict my last inspiration post.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Breathe Free

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had plenty of fun! I thought it'd be a good idea to start the year by doing a retrospect of the one that just ended, just so I can learn from the mistakes I've made and also, just to show off what I thought where the best outfits on the blog.

2013 to me wasn't the best year when it came down to how I dressed. I mean I still managed to create interesting outfits, but I noticed I repeated myself a lot. There's nothing wrong with repetition, but I could be a little more innovative. That's why this year I'm going to dress for myself and not for others. So without further ado, here are what I thought were the top 12 outfits of 2013.