Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If I Fell In Love A Thousand Times

I have important news everyone! I'm getting married! I know I seem a little young but I found my match. He's blond, charming and British. His voice is beautiful. So is his music. If you're wondering how old he is, he was born in 1990. Do the math! ;) Oh! I almost forgot to mention his name. He's called Tom Odell. Isn't that a lovely name? I'm going to be called Imogen Odell. That doesn't sound bad actually!

Seriously though, I've been on a high every since yesterday evening. I discovered Tom Odell's single "Another Love" this summer and I've become a fangirl. I went to his concert with A. and I couldn't believe how amazing he actually was live. He exuded energy and love for his audience which was terrific. I almost didn't go due to homework and school, but I'm so happy I went. It was totally worth it!

Also, the first band that played was awesome. They're called Jane's Party and come from Toronto. They were simply amazing and also very energetic. It was lots of fun!

(Sorry for the blurriness! We were too happy to care about focusing the camera :P)

What a cutie!  

Jane's Party

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Just A Reflektor

Everything seems to have changed since my last post. I'm finally really enjoying myself since school started. I've been concentrating less on school and more on trying to do the things I love. (For my family members reading this! Don't worry, I still do everything I have to do in class, but I'm not letting it rule me.) I've been hanging out with my friends, making new friends and I started dancing again.

I met a new person at school that seems really cool. He reminds me a little of my friends in Vermont which is nice because I get to have a different perspective on things. I've also been feeling more free to do what I want lately. My friends' are being awesome as usual and everything else seems good.

It almost seems surreal, like the fact that my blogs turning three years old in two days. That is ridiculous! If it weren't for my friends telling me they enjoy seeing my outfits, I would of abandoned this a long time ago. To celebrate my 1093 days of blogging, S., L. and I decided to do a photo shoot with some items we got while thrift shopping.

♡ Thanks to everyone that's been following Small Walking Mannequin! ♡

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Are Drifting Away

The weather has been weird lately. First it was freezing, then it was sweltering hot and now, it's rainy and humid. It's always changing drastically, so my choice of outfits is simply not adapting that quickly. I try my best and end up with weird outfits I would of never worn in normal terms. That's not a bad thing though because I'm testing new combinations. Yay! The outfit I have for you today was worn on a cold autumn day with warm air currents.

(Sorry if the pictures aren't great.)

Outfit: Vintage
Collar: H&M
Crown: DIY
Socks: Simons

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I just started my last year of high school! I can't wait to finally be out of there even though I know I'll be nostalgic very quickly.

Nostalgia is so fascinating. I always try to figure out how to create nostalgic memories. Every time I do something memorable, I try imagining myself years from now, feeling this longing for my past. It's comforting, exhilarating and painful all at once. I try to create memories accordingly to this indescribable feeling. I don't know when I started planning my life this way, but it's made it much more dream like. I often imagine my life as being a movie where the music I listen to is the soundtrack and my daydreams are special effects. Sometimes, I even choose a movie that becomes the "theme" to my life for a week or two. I had my "Moonrise Kingdom" week at R.'s cottage and my "Virgin Suicides" week in PEI. I also constantly compare my life to the movie "Submarine" which perfectly reflects what I'm explaining right now.

But if I had to come back to the present I'd say that right now I don't see what could become nostalgic about being in school. I'm going to try to make this year memorable, but it's not going to be easy.

Let's Get Lost - Elliot Smith

Jean Jacket: BCBG Maxazria
Crop Tee: H&M
Jewelry: DIY
Crown: DIY
Belt: Vintage
Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Keds
Backpack: From Kindergarden