Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why I Love You, I'll Never Know

As individuals we constantly seek to attain a better version of our selves and we do so by comparing ourselves to others. Since I was born, the media and the people around me have influenced who I would like to be and who I am. I created role models and try to imitate them using the excuse that they are my inspirations. Yes, it is true that I am inspired by said people, but I am not creating a better version of my self. I am creating another version of that person, which isn't me.

I noticed in the last few years that I got really good at becoming a person I would admire but not completely myself. Therefore, I decided to make the life resolution of becoming "me". This will be my motivation to explore and try things I wouldn't have necessarily thought of. This is also a way to stay true to myself so that at the throughout my life I can be proud of what I have become and not "who" I have become.

"En réalité, on s'acharne à devenir un parfait acteur plutôt que quelqu'un de vrai."
                                                                                                   -Simone de Beauvoir

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