Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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I want to create a series of articles to share with you my love for many of my favorite female artists/musicians. I'll present them by talking about how they are role models to me and why I think they are empowering figures in our patriarchal society.

The first woman I'd like to talk about is the Canadian musician, Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes. She is known for her experimental and electronic music. She started recording songs while studying neuroscience at McGill. As her interest in producing music grew stronger, she decided to focus solely on her work, thus getting expelled from university. Throughout the years, Grimes has gained recognition worldwide, making her one of the only women in the electronic music scene.

I admire her a lot in her work because, as you might of noticed, there aren't many women who actually do this kind of music. Often, women's work is underestimated in the music industry. This results in only a minimal number of female musicians to have musical breakthroughs. Grimes has had many people infantilizing her and telling her that couldn't do her own thing.

Last April though, the 26 year-old spoke up about it and wrote a manifesto dealing with how she's being treated by the music industry. In general, people reacted to it in a positive manner and agreed that this way of treating women should change.

Not only is she a great feminist role model, but she has great style. Her hair changes color like she changes outfits. And her outfits remind me of a grungy 90's look combined with her personal touch of absolute "stylishness". 

If I sum this up, I believe that Grimes deserves immense respect for doing what she wants in an industry dominated by men and that she has succeeded in standing up against the injustice that's being done to female musicians/singers. Plus, she does all this with amazing style. 


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