Saturday, June 14, 2014


As you might of noticed if you're still following the blog, I haven't been quite present for the last month or so. Usually I'd feel really sorry for not posting anything. But this time, I'm not. I had a great time enjoying my last moments in high school. I wrote a play with my friends for my theater class, I got to go on a field trip to Quebec city, I celebrated the end of classes. All and all I made great memories with my friends. I also came to a realization during this "time off".

If you have known this blog since the beginning, you remember that I started blogging during my second year of high school and now that it's ending though I feel like it is the right time for me to end this blog. It was a really hard decision to make but I think it's the right one.

Small Walking Mannequin, or Miss Tutu, started in 2010 as a way of sharing and archiving my numerous outfits. Now that you've seen my whole wardrobe, I realized I don't have anything to show anymore. Some people said this could be a great way of challenging myself. They may be right, but I think this blog is a representation of my progress through high school. Now that it's ending, I feel like it's the right time to end this and to enter a new chapter of my life.

The end of the blog doesn't mean I won't have future projects. Indeed, I'm thinking of some new ones all the time. And when I do create a new project, I'll tell you guys, don't worry! In the meantime, I will continue posting my inspiration on my tumblr blog and creating music mixes.

So long!

Le Silence du Chevreuil
(our play)

Quebec city

Last day of class

New shoes! Woohoo! 
Last fashion item on Small Walking Mannequin

Au Revoir!