Monday, December 3, 2012

You've Got My Eyes

When you turn thirteen (the "official" teen age), adults start telling you how hard and great and life changing adolescence is. At first, you think about it and you might be like: "Pff! What are those drama queens talking about?!" Then with time and a little more age, you realize that thirteen is just a number and that the adolescence adults talk about comes later and more gradually. It might start by crying for no reason and then sometimes it escalates and you start pointlessly hating everyone around you. Only at that moment do you notice that what those adults were talking about was true. Being a teenager is hard and sometimes you wonder how generations before you got through with it. Sometimes, you imagine you are the only one on this bumpy ride, but then you look around you and see that we are all on the same road.

On the other hand, some people don't feel the bumps. I guess they got themselves a real expensive car to not feel those pot holes in the road.

Outfit: Vintage
Socks: From Gaby
Shoes: H&M

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