Friday, August 23, 2013

Like Dreaming Of Angels

When the sun goes down, I wake up and do what I do best: watch shows. These days I've been watching, the british show, Skins. It's truly a great show! It's the first time I really felt a connection to the characters and the whole universe surrounding them. I'm not the only one that seems to think so either. Every one I know who watches the show love it. I think what's so appealing to Skins is that it shows the darker sides to the life (and party life) teens are associated to. I mean, I can't say it's the most realistic show because the characters live lives that are sometimes overdramatic. But it's this overdramatic aspect that depicts how important us teenagers view our teen years. We often don't realize that there's a whole journey to live after we become adults and, that we can still party and fun no matter our age.

But anyways, I'm getting sidetracked. The real reason that I'm doing this post is to talk about a particular character I really started associating myself to. I am definitely not like her when it comes to her eating disorder, but I do seem to see the world in the way she does. Her name is Cassie and she's like a fairy and I love her. She gives a lot of importance to beauty and dreams, and she translates these things through her clothing (does that sound familiar?). She has a colorful and playful wardrobe which I quite like. She wears long skirts, cool sunglasses, baby doll dresses and lots of other fabulous things, so I though I'd share some of my favorite outfits with you.

Even her makeup is playful!  

This Sailor Moon/school girl look is to die for!

(I'm going to post an outfit soon! Don't worry!)

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