Thursday, February 27, 2014

Your Body's Harmful

I've had all these project ideas since last year, but they all got scattered in my brain and I forgot most of them. Last week though, I finally decided to write down all my ideas and create different diaries for the different aspects of my life I want to organize. I started out by making a booklet reserved solely for lists. Lists of the music I've discovered, lists of movies I want to watch, lists of projects I want to accomplish, lists of things I have to do and many more. Then, I grabbed a nice diary for writing. I'll write anything in it; from short stories to automatic writing. The only notebook missing is the one where I write my ideas. I lost it about a month ago and I'm afraid I won't find it. So much of my inspiration comes from it and it would be a shame to have lost it.

Speaking of inspiration, I went to Value Village the other day and found a few fun items to spice up my winter outfits. I'm starting to miss the summer again so I got myself a cute and colorful summer shirt. I had to find other useful clothing for the winter though. I only have green sweaters and by chance I found two cool cardigans, a monochrome one and a colorful one. My mom also found some really cute heels that I'm wearing in the pictures below.

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