Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All I Wanna Be...

I decided I wouldn't mention school on here anymore unless something exciting happens, because all I have to say about it is negative. And I don't want any boring negative things on here. So, in the last week in a half not a lot of things have happened. I went to a dance show last week that was "meh"... Then this weekend I went shopping twice. Once with my mom and another time with S., because she was looking for a prom dress.

I was kind of window shopping with my mom, taking random pictures of myself after trying on lame clothing, but little did I know that something amazing was going to happen...

Yes that is a Jeffrey Campbell box with shoes in them and the babies are mine! I started doing salsa and I thought it would be nice having heels to dance in, but I didn't want to spend money on dance shoes that weren't going to be that useful. When I saw these cutie-pies, I immediately thought they were perfect. I will only show them to you though in another post... Aren't I mean! ;)

I thought this was an awesome ad poster for many reasons. First, it's Archie! How cool is that? Second of all, L. started drawing a lot because of Archie. You can notice the inspiration in her drawing style. This one's for you darling!

No these aren't my new shoes, but aren't these beautiful! I was going through The Bay with S. and I just had to try them. They were my size! Can you imagine! I have giant feet by the way, so it's hard to actually find suitable footwear. Not that these are suitable for anything else but posing.

I was scrolling through my aunt's blog when I found this picture. I thought she kind of reminded me of myself. Plus, she's wearing the bow she gave me. Isn't she beautiful though? I wish I could have that charm. After seeing this, I thought I might cut my bangs like that. What do you think?

Here we have a not so charming screen shot of Jennifer Lawrence in her latest movie The Silver Linings Playbook, but wait until you see THIS... (It's a pretty good movie by the way)

Oh my God! Isn't she gorgeous! I just love the dress and it's fabric and her face and the lady behind her with the camera. I think that woman is simply the best with her big smile and sport suit.... haha! But seriously, I used to not like Jennifer Lawrence and suddenly I have a girl crush on her, even though her little cheeks annoy me sometimes. :P


  1. Liebste Imogen,
    wie ähnlich wir uns sehen! we looks really similar... familar likeness!

    Ich denke häufig an Dich... Du bist in meinem Herzen, you are on my/our mind/s, Dear!

    Hugs and kisses...

    1. Ich dachte vielleicht werde ich meine Haare Schneiden wie deine wall du siehst so huebsch aus! :) <3

      Grusse an die Familie,