Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do I Turn Your Grey Skies Blue?

Today I introduce to you a new concept for the blog. As I have said many times in the past, sometimes I simply feel uninspired and I were a t-shirt and pants for two weeks. This has for consequence that Small Walking Mannequin runs dry. That is why I have decided to start doing posts of the week when I don't have any outfit to present to you. This new kind of article will be filled with pictures, reviews and videos of things I have found that week. I hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think.

This first weekly post is more like a weekend post because everything that's presented has happened during the last three days. Also, I accomplished one of my new year's resolutions three weeks back: I started dancing! Salsa to be specific. :)

Part of a mural in the entrance way of the building in which I dance.

Had fun eating out with A. and S. We had delicious falafels and churros!

The other A. grabbed my ipod while thrift shopping and took pictures of everything she saw. This is an example of her wonderful photography. Yes it's the donkey from Shrek if you were wondering. ;)

I'm broke and I still managed to get myself a dress. It was just too adorable to resist! I'll post it again later.

Finally, on Saturday evening I watched the Notebook with B. I just loved it! I couldn't of fallen in love more with the characters. It had a great plot! The actors were amazing! And did I mention that Ryan Gosling's HOOOT!!!! <3 

Have a nice week everybody!