Monday, May 20, 2013

Goddess on the Mountain Top

Lately, I have been in a clothing crisis. I would wake up every morning with the motivation to create a fabulous outfit, but I would scream in horror when I found out that nothing inspired me. I would roll around in the constant pile of clothes on my floor and cry to the gods to help me. Surprisingly, one day they did. I guess Venus saw me from her cloud and thought: "that girl is in a need of a makeover. I can't stand her anymore." And that's what happened. Well, not really. I didn't get a makeover, but I did get new clothes. I was on a roll. Thursday after school, I went downtown and got myself a pair of platform sneakers and two shirts. Friday, I was busy. Saturday, I went to the American Apparel warehouse and got a pair of jeans and a shirt. Right after that I went to Value Village where I found a dress and a shirt (a Backstreet Boys shirt which is absolutely hilarious!). Later that day, I went on a quest with my mom to find this beautiful dress we rented for my play (in the prospect of making it my prom dress for next year.) At this point, I think Venus thought I had been materialistic enough, so I never found the dress. But that's ok because you can't always get what you want. Plus, maybe Venus thought it wasn't the right dress for me.

Isn't G. adorable! Plus her flower crown is so fetch (guess who made it? ;) ) 

Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Topshop
Platform Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell (JC Play)
Earrings: Ardene
Scarf: Vintage

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