Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I just started my last year of high school! I can't wait to finally be out of there even though I know I'll be nostalgic very quickly.

Nostalgia is so fascinating. I always try to figure out how to create nostalgic memories. Every time I do something memorable, I try imagining myself years from now, feeling this longing for my past. It's comforting, exhilarating and painful all at once. I try to create memories accordingly to this indescribable feeling. I don't know when I started planning my life this way, but it's made it much more dream like. I often imagine my life as being a movie where the music I listen to is the soundtrack and my daydreams are special effects. Sometimes, I even choose a movie that becomes the "theme" to my life for a week or two. I had my "Moonrise Kingdom" week at R.'s cottage and my "Virgin Suicides" week in PEI. I also constantly compare my life to the movie "Submarine" which perfectly reflects what I'm explaining right now.

But if I had to come back to the present I'd say that right now I don't see what could become nostalgic about being in school. I'm going to try to make this year memorable, but it's not going to be easy.

Let's Get Lost - Elliot Smith

Jean Jacket: BCBG Maxazria
Crop Tee: H&M
Jewelry: DIY
Crown: DIY
Belt: Vintage
Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Keds
Backpack: From Kindergarden

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