Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If I Fell In Love A Thousand Times

I have important news everyone! I'm getting married! I know I seem a little young but I found my match. He's blond, charming and British. His voice is beautiful. So is his music. If you're wondering how old he is, he was born in 1990. Do the math! ;) Oh! I almost forgot to mention his name. He's called Tom Odell. Isn't that a lovely name? I'm going to be called Imogen Odell. That doesn't sound bad actually!

Seriously though, I've been on a high every since yesterday evening. I discovered Tom Odell's single "Another Love" this summer and I've become a fangirl. I went to his concert with A. and I couldn't believe how amazing he actually was live. He exuded energy and love for his audience which was terrific. I almost didn't go due to homework and school, but I'm so happy I went. It was totally worth it!

Also, the first band that played was awesome. They're called Jane's Party and come from Toronto. They were simply amazing and also very energetic. It was lots of fun!

(Sorry for the blurriness! We were too happy to care about focusing the camera :P)

What a cutie!  

Jane's Party

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