Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Just A Reflektor

Everything seems to have changed since my last post. I'm finally really enjoying myself since school started. I've been concentrating less on school and more on trying to do the things I love. (For my family members reading this! Don't worry, I still do everything I have to do in class, but I'm not letting it rule me.) I've been hanging out with my friends, making new friends and I started dancing again.

I met a new person at school that seems really cool. He reminds me a little of my friends in Vermont which is nice because I get to have a different perspective on things. I've also been feeling more free to do what I want lately. My friends' are being awesome as usual and everything else seems good.

It almost seems surreal, like the fact that my blogs turning three years old in two days. That is ridiculous! If it weren't for my friends telling me they enjoy seeing my outfits, I would of abandoned this a long time ago. To celebrate my 1093 days of blogging, S., L. and I decided to do a photo shoot with some items we got while thrift shopping.

♡ Thanks to everyone that's been following Small Walking Mannequin! ♡


  1. Du bist toll! Ihr seid toll, echt klasse!
    Small Walking Mannequin!
    Klasse Blog... weiter so!

    Hugs and kisses

    1. Danke schön! Happy Birthday zu deinem Blog!

      Grüße an die Familie!