Monday, January 7, 2013

When We Were School Kids

I just noticed a few days ago how much clothing I have accumulated. I was cleaning my room (finally!) when I caught myself shoving my clothes in my drawers. I don't even have any space to hang them! What am I going to do? To be honest, it's not really a problem. I like my clothes. I actually noticed I have many new items to share with you. Yay!

I was also shocked to know I actually have a floor. I hadn't seen it in months because of my mess. This enlightenment of mine made me think that I should make new years resolutions so I can start having good habits again. I'm actually trying to figure out what they're going to be while typing.

So here it goes:
  • Clean my room once a week ('cause never am I ever going to clean my room for 6 hour again!)
  • Drink more water (I don't hydrate myself! ugh!) 
  • Not go on Facebook as often (seriously it's terrible. I log in every few minutes for absolutely no reason. What am I doing with my life?) 
  • Start dancing again (I'm probably going to attend the Contemporary Dance School of Mtl next school year! hehe!)
  • Stop comparing myself to others (this one's hard... I'm going to try though! 'Cause I'm sick of feeling like a constant failure.)
I think that's it! Tadaa! To thank you for your patience here's a brand new outfit and a few of the cool things in my room.

Aren't these roses rad!

My shrine :)

Tassel garlands rock!

Sweater: I don't know, it was my mom's
Skinny: Topshop
Necklace: H&M
Skull Pendant: Made by my daddy
Flower Crown: DIY


  1. la licorne arc-en-ciel(sarah)11.1.13

    jadore la tenue et god tu menerves detre aussi belle :P

    1. merci mais faut pas trop en rajouter sexy lady! ;)