Friday, January 4, 2013

Please Don't Go Away

Hello there folks! I'm back for a New Year greeting. I have been thinking a lot about my evolution since I started this blog and I started realizing how hard it is to host this. I've been trying my best I promise, but I just got to a point where I realized that you guys know pretty much my whole wardrobe. I don't seem to have any new things to show which is kind of sad when I think about it. I guess I'll have to work double as hard to innovate new outfits.

To start the new year, here's a new outfit I put together. YAY! (Sorry for the bad resolution) And I also have a few pictures that will probably influence my style for that new year. I hope you guys like it 'cause I really do.

Shirt: DIY
Belt: Vintage
Cardigan: Vintage
Leggings: Garage

In Order: Lana Del Rey, Elle Fanning, Lana Del Rey, Josephine Baker, Ursula Andress, Frida Kahlo, Grimes, Alicia Silverstone. (Unknown Sources)

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