Sunday, January 27, 2013

La Gymnopédie

What do Elle Fanning and Lana Del Rey have in common?

They are two girl crushes I've had for a little while now. Not only are they beautiful, but they are interesting and clever. Elle Fanning is only fourteen and has a wonderful acting career. She played in many Hollywood movies, but she has also played in a few short underground films like the one by Sigur Ros that just came out and the another one I posted the link to in my post about body image. Her acting is flawless and leaves me in awe everytime. Elle's intelligence and maturity shines through when she is on screen. It is incredible to see a girl almost my age make an authentic reenactment of feelings and situations. I truly admire Elle's confidents and everything else about her.

Lana Del Rey is also an inspiration to me. When she was Elle Fanning's age she started having drinking problems and she had to leave all her friends to go to a boarding school until she was 18. When she got out she moved into a trailer park and slowly started making music. Lana has recorded many albums, but her latest ones are the first ones under her new pseudonym. In her songs she talks about her troubled life and how she felt at the time. I admire the fact that she was able to come through her addiction and actually sing about it. It takes guts. Also, unlike other Hollywood singers who sing songs they have no emotional connection to, Lana actually writes about her own life. Therefore, I admire Lana Del Rey's effort and honesty.

I decided to inspire myself from these two people to create an outfit that could partly represent them both. The flower crown and long pointy nails like Lana and the fairy like outfit for Elle.

Blouse: Zara
Skirt: Forever21
Wedges: Forever21
Nails: Value Village
Crown: DIY
Watch: Vintage


  1. here ^-^

    Actually,I lost this in theater :(
    And yey,you buy in Zara,i also buy there :') actually,just bought this one but i need to go there more times :

    About your age and elle's age...what's your age? xD by the way,you said so many cool things about lana,i didn't know about her life so much before reading your post :')

    Really enjoyed your outfit! the flowers are lovely :')
    Except for the big nails... i don't know why but the smaller the size of your nails,more cutie it looks (don't ask why... things from my head hahah)

    1. Nice shoes!<3 :) I haven't gone to Zara in a long time either.

      About the nails, I just love the creepy effect of them. I wouldn't want to have them that long in my everyday life though. :P haha!