Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Lost In The World

Now that I'm not sick anymore, I finally feel like I'm on vacation and that I can have fun once and for all. The only problem though is my energy level. I went to a party the other day and I was exhausted by 9 and went home. I guess the mono will stick with me all summer, but I'll figure out techniques to keep some energy.

To come back to the subject, I'd like to warn you that I won't post anything this week because I'm going to R.'s cottage. I will take pictures, don't worry. I'm really excited about going! It'll be nice to be in "nature" again. I say nature quote unquote because I'm not going into the wild or anything, so I can take pictures of myself without looking like a wild unwashed monster. haha!

So this weekend, I did many things. Those things included bleaching my hair blonde again and cutting this lumpy dress to turn it into the fabulous item I wore on these pictures. I also went short seeking. I didn't find any, but I did try on these shorts with a rad Harley Davidson patch on it. If it fit I would of definitely bought it. It was so fetch!

Party outfit with darker hair vs New dress and blonder hair

Dress: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Brooch: Vintage
Wedges: Forever 21

Party Outfit
Dress: Forever 21
Knee Highs: From G.
Wedges: H&M

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