Thursday, June 27, 2013

It Drives You Insane

Hello there people! I'm officially on holiday! YAY! It feels so nice to be able to sit back, not worry about the time and hang out with friends whenever you feel like it. It's so nice that sometimes you might party too much and your body gets exhausted, and you get mono. That's exactly what happened to me. It stopped me right in my tracks, but I'm feeling already much better now. It'll probably last all summer so I'll have to take it easy, but that's fine. I've been so exhausted lately, it took me over a week to get the courage to post this. So here I am on a beautiful sunny day writing to you about my ailment. I don't think that's very interesting, so let's change the subject.

In the last two weeks I did a bunch of fun stuff, I hung out with friends, went window shopping and created an amazing outfit at the new Brandy Melville store, and I also attempted dying my hair pink. The hair didn't come out though, but I discovered that you have to wait 2 weeks before adding color to the newly bleached hair. "You're so smart Imogen!..." Also, my hair weren't very well bleached so there were a lot of dark spots on my head. What a failure... But I'm going to try this again later in the summer. In the meantime, I can think of other colors that might make my parents freak. haha!

I want to add one last little thing to this post, and that is congratulate the hero of the week: Wendy Davis. She proudly fought for the right to have abortions in Texas in a filibuster last Sunday. She was successful in cancelling the bill against abortion, but let's just say this is only the beginning.

I hope all of you guys are having a fabulous summer! I shall talk to you soon when my body is recovered enough to dress in something else than pjs.

♥ Isn't this fetch! ♥

Two headed braid with L. and B.
Ever so slightly pink hair...

Button-up Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Pants: Topshop
Platform Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell's
Woman Power Necklace: DIY
Flower Crown: DIY

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