Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let's Pretend We Don't Exist

I almost made a post about the books and music I brought and bought when going to PEI, but I skipped that because I guessed these outfits would be more interesting. I mean if one of you pleads me to do a post about all the books I read I gladly will, but I'd be surprised if that happened. Anyways to get back to the clothing, if you have followed my blog from the start you might recognize the setting of some of these pictures.

(Fun fact: I first thought about starting a blog in Prince Edward Island three years ago.) Wow! Three years, time goes by quickly. I'm proud to say I was able to create lots of outfits and hardly repeat myself in the last few years. Plus, I have been buying less and less clothes which makes me even prouder. I love what the fashion industry brings to the world in terms of style but for ethical reasons I try to encourage them in the least even though I do purge sometimes.

Let's get back to the original subject. So, I brought a bunch of dresses I wouldn't normally wear in the city (the first outfit being the exception) and I made different outfits. This is only a selection of a few pictures. I'm going to stop rambling now before this becomes incoherent.

Dress: Thrift Store

Dress: Vintage (From my grandma)
Belt: Vintage
Crown: DIY

Dress: Vintage
Crown: DIY


  1. charliepou2.8.13

    wow wow
    trop jolies robes...
    et toujours aussi belle mannequin