Wednesday, September 19, 2012

La Société M'a Définitivement Abîmé

Café de Flore. 10 o'clock. We met Ariane. I had a delicious Viennese hot chocolate. It was as if I were sitting with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Hemingway and Brigitte Bardot. Absolutely lovely! After our coffee and chocolate, off to the musée d'Orsay. Bonnard, Vuillard et Misia! Breath taking. We finished our tour and went all the way to the hotel with my aunt to finally go to her friend's apartment. We had delicious pizza and then talked over tea. Ariane is leaving is leaving tomorrow so we're spending lots of time with her.

Shirt: Vintage
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Keds


  1. Great City
    great pictures
    great niece!

    Miss you, hon.
    your tolle Tante ;)

    1. Thank you :)

      Greetings to the family! <3