Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Young Hearts Run Free

Today is a special day, the blog's 2 years old! YAY! It started as “Le blog d’imogen” then became “Miss Tutu” and became what it is now “Imogen’s blog”. (Yes I know. Not very original) I’m so happy I was able to keep it going so long. I hope you are still enjoying it. <3

I had a whole post planned out, but when I uploaded the pictures off my camera only 10 out of 80 pictures turned out. I'm a little pissed, but I managed to rescue a few. 

This year I decided that I'm going to try to make more clothing myself. So that should be fun and more original for you guys. 

T-Shirt: H&M
Corset: Vintage
Skirt: DIY (originally Zara dress)
Stockings: Falke
Necklace: From G.
Earrings: From a bazaar

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